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TAC Toolkit

The Technology Acceptance (TAC) Toolkit is a method born out of 30 years of research, which helps design health technologies that people are more likely to accept and use in the long term.

Looking at the user journey as a unique evolving trajectory, the TAC Toolkit guides designers to explore a range of factors that influence user acceptance over time.

Check out our latest research publication for a full description of the TAC Toolkit and its validation with 21 digital health designers.


How does one's health impact their relationship with technology? In the TAC deck, use the 3 Health cards to reflect on aspects of healthcare that make people more or less likely to engage with technology.

Individuality & Social Context

How do one's personality & environment influence their use of technology? Shape your design with the 5 Social cards to account for users' uniqueness and social interactions.


How do people's experiences with technology shape their future use? The 8 Technology cards explore a range of factors that impact on users acceptance of technology.

What digital health designers say about the toolkit